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IROD H2 Fuel Cell System is a hydroxy generator manufactured in Sidney, B.C. It is a supplementary fuel delivery system which passes an electrical current through water to split hydrogen molecules from oxygen, creating a gas termed "hydroxy".

The system is so versatile that it can be fitted on any vehicle and provide fuel savings as well as a dramatic reduction in carbon emmisions. It is one of the safest and most advanced hydroxy generators, complete with multiple hardware and software safety systems in place. It works well on all types of engines, exceptionally well on diesels, and is completely reversible and fully removable to fit other applications.

IROD H2 Fuel Cell System for combustion enhancement can:
. Reduce carbon footprint
. Save money on fuel
. Increase gas mileage
. Increase horsepower
. Provide a smoother running and cleaner engine
. Extend the life of your engine

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